Why do Dogs Roll Around in The Grass

dog rolling in grass

Have you ever seen a Dog rolling around in the grass? Ever wondered why? Keep reading this article and you will now know why your dog or puppy loves rolling on the grass.

While some dogs like lying down on the grass, some love to roll around grass just like a fish out of water flounders. Rolling on the grass gives uttermost pleasure to your dog. And it’s not just rolling on grass but dogs also love to roll on dead animals, sand, dirt, and even feces.

Dog Psychologists and Animal Behaviorists had pointed out several reasons why dogs love rolling in the grass.

dog rolling in grass

Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass?

Reasons your Dogs loves rolling on the grass

  • Natural Instincts

The common answer is that it is instinct inherited from their past as a wild predator of masking their canine scent with the smell of something else, say it be poop, grass, or smell of dead creature.

  • Scratching their backs

Dogs are often prone to allergies- food, flea, or surroundings. So it is possible that they are just rolling on grass to scratch an itch. It is the reason why some dogs even growl while rolling in the grass.

  • Marking their territory

Dogs often mark their territories to keep other dogs aware of it. So there could be a possibility that dogs roll on the grass to rub their scent on the grass, thereby marking the areas as theirs. Dogs also rub against their owners to leave their scent.

  • To change their Odor

Do they start rolling on the grass after bath? A dog’s sense of smell is different from humans and also 10,000 times stronger. So it may possible that what smells nice to us like shampoos, conditioners disgust them so they are simply rolling on the grass to change their smell.

  • They simply love to roll on the grass

It can also be possible that your dog just loves to roll on their back. It could be that he is rolling simply to soak in sun or to relieve a tighten muscle, it may be is a way of grooming himself. Or he is just relaxing and happily indicating his mental and emotional status.

Rolling on the grass is a common behavior for a dog and there is nothing to be stressed of. But if your dog is overdoing it then you can simply consult pet doc or if you don’t like the idea of rolling on feces, dead animals, etc then there is artificial grass available in the market for your dogs.