Why Do Great Danes Have A Short Life Span?

Great Dane Dog

Do you own a Great Dane? Are you worried about your Great Dane’s life span? Do you want to Improve Your Great Dane’s life?

Great Dane

Great Dane dog

Great Dane is nicknamed as Apollo of all dogs because of its great size. Though they were originally bred to hunt, they are now much of a gentle soul. Notwithstanding size, A Great Dane is a sweet and affectionate companion. He will love to play with your child.

Because of their beauty and characteristics, Great Dane has become a good choice for today’s pet owners.

Great Dane Lifespan and Health Issues

These large and lively dogs become the apple of their owner’s eye. But sadly they have a short lifespan. Their lifespan is about 8 to 10 years. While some only live 6 years, some with good breeding can live up to 12 to 15 years.

It is known that bigger dog breeds live less long than small breeds.

Do you want to know why Great Dane is not a good choice for some homes:

Reasons why Great Dane have a short lifespan…

 – Great Dane has a higher metabolism rate resulting in aging fast.

– They are prone to several health conditions:

  • Gastric Torsion/Bloat: This breed is highly susceptible to bloat. Bloat is a dangerous condition resulting in stomach twisting and cutting blood supply.
  • Joint and Bone Disease: Great Danes may experience joint and bone diseases like hip dysplasia. It is an inherited condition in which their thigh bones don’t fit their thigh joint.
  • Bone Cancer: Known as Osteosarcoma, it is a bone tumor found in Great Dane. It is highly aggressive bone cancer. The treatment involves the amputation of limps. But sadly then too it can only increase their life for 9 months to 2 years only.
  • Heart Disease: Great Dane is also affected by several heart diseases. This contributes to their small lifespan.

How to make increase Great Dane’s lifespan

Though sadly there are many things you can’t control such as their health disease. But you can still try your best and take care of your Dog to let him live a little longer.

– You can take proper care of your Dog’s food. Great Dane is prone to bloating therefore you should divide your dog’s meal in small proportion to cut air consumption.

– Always take your dog for regular checkups and look for early signs of health problems.

– Take care of their diet and proper exercise. This will help them to stay in shape.

– Make your Dog is up to date on all vaccines and seek expert advice if you see any unusual behavior in your dog.