What Happens if a Dog eats a Loaf of Bread?

dog with bread

So, here you are again… leave it. Of course, it is chewing something it should not. oh it’s bread but wait, can a dog eat bread? Can a dog die from eating bread? Dogs love to eat food hiding from their owners; here your little pup ate a loaf of bread. Is bread bad for your dog? Let’s find out…

Can a Dog Eat Bread?

  Plain or brown bread is safe for your dog, they can be harmless to consume.

Is it safe for a dog to eat a loaf of bread?

This depends on these things:

  • Size of your dog
  • Bread variety
  • Quantity consumed

Size of your dog

A big dog can easily digest and pass out a loaf of white or brown bread but the smaller dog has a smaller stomach, therefore, if they eat a large quantity of bread then they can face problems like diarrhea, vomiting.

Bread variety

Normally a dog can consume white or brown bread but mixed or flavored bread can contain toxic ingredients which can harm your dogs

Types of Bread you shouldn’t feed your Dog

– Raisin bread: raisins and grapes are toxic for your dog therefore you should not feed your dog raisin bread.

– Garlic Bread: you should keep your dog away from garlic as it can be highly toxic for your dog.

– Bread dough: do you have a pizza base in your house? Keep your dog away from this as if he consumes bread dough it can lead to swelling in the stomach and abdominal pain. This cans also create toxicities in the bloodstream.

– Bread with Xylitol: bread made for sugar patients can be dangerous for your dogs as they contain xylitol which can reduce their blood sugar level it can even lead to hypoglycemia and cause your dog to die.

– Chocolate: your favorite chocolate is a no for your dog. Chocolate contains theobromine which your dog’s metabolism cannot digest.

– Nuts. Walnuts, macadamia nuts are toxic for your dog you should keep your dog away from nutty bread.


What happens when a dog eats too much bread?

If your dog had consumed a whole loaf of bread then observe him. Checkout for any possible symptoms or if your dog is uneasy. Normally nothing happens and if a small problem pertains then it can be treated by home remedies.

If your dog is eating, drinking, breathing normally then there is nothing to be worried about…your dog has a strong stomach acid.

Bread contains carbohydrates and a high glycemic punch which can be difficult for your dog to digest it can lead to stomach bloating.

Some dog especially young puppies can develop constipation, diarrhea, dehydration, or vomiting.

If you see your dog suffering and discomfort consistently increasing then immediately call your veterinarian.

Can a dog die from eating bread?

 Normally a dog can only suffer from an upset stomach or related disease but if your dog stomach bloat lead to gastric dilation and volvulus { GDV} or gastric bloat then it can be life-threatening

Dog breeds like great dani or Irish settler are particularly susceptible to it.

Also if your dog has consumed rapper or any plastic then it won’t pass out then it would go into operation to remove it.

And if your dog ate bread with xylitol then it can lead to hypoglycemia that causes the death of your dog.

Does bread settle a dog’s stomach?

Bread has surprisingly had some positive effect on some condition:

– If your dog has consumed something sharp or edgy

– If your dog has upset tummy

– If your dog has consumed a long piece of string or yarn

What do you feed a dog that has diarrhea?

You can provide ease to our dog if he suffering from diarrhea. Give your dog easily digestible bland food such as white rice, plain bread, cottage cheese, yogurt boiled macaroni, oatmeal also make sure you give them water at regular intervals.



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