Is a Wolf Bigger Than a Great Dane?

great dane dog

Wolves are also called bigger dogs. But is our Great Dane bigger than an average Wolf? Let’s find out…

Great Dane

Great Dane is one of the biggest Dog breeds. Two words to describe them best are large and noble. large because of their great size and noble because of their gentle temperament.

They are known as Apollo of Dog. Originally they were bred to hunt wild boar, deer, etc. But now they have become a gentle and friendly soul.

A Great Dane has a sleek muscular and athletic body. Their head is massive and has a graceful long neck.

Despite their looks and history Great Dane are sweet, affectionate, and loyal companion.

Is a wolf bigger than Great Dane?

Wolves are also known as Gray Wolf are generally 3 to 5.2 feet long. And an average Great Dane is about 2.8- 3 feet long.

Therefore, we can say that an average Great Dane is smaller than an Adult Gray Wolf.

But Zeus, the biggest Great Dane was around 5feet long which is equal to an average Grey Wolf.

wolf and great dane

Difference between a Wolf and a Great Dane

Wolves are often called bigger dogs. They both are evolutionary related and share many physical and behavioral traits.

Though there were initially believed to be of different species. Scientists have now proved that Dog has evolved from Wolves.

Dog’s species is Canis familiarlis and Wolf’s species is Canis lupus. It is provided that canis familiarlis has been evolved from Canis lupus.

Though you can’t say that a Wolf is the same as a Dog. Let us see some of the major differences between a Dog and a Wolf.

  • Physical Appearance: 

 Dogs are very different from wolves in terms of physical appearance.

-Head and Body size:

A wolves’ head is larger than its body size. Their chest and hip are narrow but their legs are longer and their paws are double the size of the dog’s paw.

Dogs have a smaller head, wider chest, and hip. Their legs are shorter.

-Teethes and Jaw:

Wolves have big, and strong jaws. On the other hand, Dogs do not have jaws as strong as wolves and also have smaller teethes.

-Eye color:

Wolves have yellow or amber color pupils. While Dog’s pupil color comes in a variety of colors, from yellow to blue.


Wolf only comes in gray, white, black, or brown Whereas Dog’s coat can be of all colors.


Wolf’s tails are straight and Dog’s tails are curled upward.

  • Behavior

Wolves live in packs and have a strong relationship with their family. They are intelligent but don’t get along with other animals.

On the other hand, Dogs are individual and generally left by their mother after birth. They are not as intelligent as Wolves but are sociable to humans and other animals.

  • Size

An average Wolf weighs around 50-175 pounds. They are taller than dogs. While Dogs generally weigh around 30-50 pounds but the weight of some greater Dog breed like Great Dane can reach around 150 pounds.

  • Diet

Wolves are true hunters and generally feed on deer, moose, or other large animals. They sometimes even eat wild berries or any plant matter.

Dogs, on the other hand, are accustomed to eating human foods. They can eat fruits, vegetables, grains but they love meat.

  • Domestication

Wolfs cannot be domesticated by humans. They are born hunters. They have strong teeth and jaws and can crush bones. They also prey on small children. A wolf can be trained but never domesticated as a pet.

On the other hand, Dogs have a friendly and playful temperament. They have been domesticated by humans for a very long time and therefore are extremely loyal towards the human. They can easily be trained and kept at home as a companion.

  • Difference in maturity

Wolf’s puppy opens his eyes in two weeks. They are born in spring and hence are strong to face harsh winter. They mature quickly.

Counterpart, Puppies opens their eyes in 4 weeks and they are weaker. They mature late and are dependent on a human for lifelong.

  • Reproduction

Dogs mature sexually faster than wolves. Wolves mature in 2 to 3 years while Dogs are matured in 6 to 12 months.

  • Self Reliance

A wolf is a wild animal and generally depends on himself for his needs. On the other hand, Dogs are too reliant on humans. They look upon their owners for their every small thing.

Can a great Dane kill a wolf?

No, A great Dane cannot Kill an Adult wolf. As they are greater in size and are stronger than Great Dane.

Can a dog kill a wolf?

A Great Dane might not be able to kill a Wolf. But several other Dogs can complete this task.

A Dog to kill a wolf needs to have strong physical strength, strong jaws, speed, and ferocious, courage, and protective instinct.

So, what are some dog breeds that can fight off a wolf?

Dog breeds that can kill wolves

  1. The Irish Wolfhound
  2. The Šarplaninac Caucasian Shepherd Dog
  3. The Alabai
  4. The Kangal
  5. The Komondor
  6. The Gamper Armenian Wolfhound
  7. The Anatolian Shepherd
  8. The Tibetan Mastiff
  9. The Wolfdog