How Much is a Tri-Color Pitbull Worth?

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Do you want to own a colorful Dog? Why don’t you own Tri-color Pitbull? These are very popular and rare dog breeds.

Pitbulls are practically taken as aggressive dogs because of their tough appearance. Pitbull has a muscular body and powerful jaw making them look intimidating.

But if you will observe them closely you will understand how soft they are at their heart. With proper training and socialization, Pitbull can be a perfect and perfect companion for you and your child.

Even a trained and socialized Pitbull becomes a  lousy guard dog as it starts loving even strangers too.

Other names of Pitbull

Pitbull isn’t an official breed name. They are known as American Pitbull terrier or bull terrier etc.

Originally they were only bred to bait bulls. But as they evolved they became farm-dogs and later on family and companion dogs because of their gentle attitude.

Should you own a Tri-color Pitbull?

So, are you wondering whether this dog is for you or not?

It depends upon you if you want to own a Pitbull, Tri-color Pitbull, or any other Dog breed.

All you are set to find an ideal friend and companion for you. Let us help you a little:

  • Consider these factors before you choose to own a particular breed: Energy level, Care requirement, and Personality.
  • They are not good for you if you don’t have time to invest in them.
  • In this article, we have mentioned Pitbull, their personality, care requirements, and behavior. You can read this to be clear whether to go with this breed or not.

The physical appearance of a Pitbull

Pitbulls have a muscular, build, and small body. They can weigh up to 30-90 pounds and their height can be 17-19 inches tall. Their lifespan is around 12-14 years.

Temperament and behavior of a Pitbull

– Despite their appearance as an arrogant rough dog, Pit bulls are loving and loyal companions.

– They are extremely gentle towards kids and are regarded as “Nanny-dogs” for their love for small children.

– They make into good family dogs.

– They can do anything to make their owner happy.

– They love their family members but most importantly their laps.

– They can develop anxiety if separated from their family.

– Because of their love for people they make a bad guard dog. As they will even wagtails to strangers and welcome them in their house.

– Pit bulls puppy should be socialized from an early stage to ensure that it grows into a sweet and playful adult Pitbull dog.

– Pit bulls puppy also needs to be trained at a very young age to reduce the tendency of them to become bossy and stubborn.

pitbull dog

Coats, their color, and variations

Pit bulls come into a variety of colors like black, white, brown, grey, red, blue, chocolate, tan, fawn, lilac, champagne, and seal.

Their coat patterns also come into various ranges like solid, spotted, and patched, ticked, brindled, masked, merle, piebald and freckled.

They appear as if the color has been splashed onto them especially on their nose, face, chest, legs, or tails.

A Tricolor Pitbull comes in these color combinations:

  • Black, brown, and white
  • Rare lilac coat with tan and white patches
  • Brown, tan and white
  • Blue Merle, fawn, and white
  • Blue, tan and white
  • Purple, tan, and white

Myths about Tri-color Pitbull

Is Tri-color Pitbull different from Normal Pitbull?

There is no difference between a Normal Bully and a Tri-color bully. They are only different from the coat color and pattern.

– Tri-color Pitbull is a mixed breed? 

While Most people believe that Tri-color Pit bulls are a mixed breed. It is a pure myth. The coloration of Tri-color Pit bulls is purely for genetic reasons. Several breeders avoid breeding them as they are avoided by buyers.  

– Tri-color Pit bulls are aggressive dogs?

A typical bully is not a bully as its name suggests. Despite their physical appearance a well-trained Pitbull are gentle, friendly, and playful.

How much is a Tri-color Pibull worth? 

You can buy a Pitbull at an average price of $500-$1000 USD depending on the breeder and quality of breed you are buying.

And a Tri-color Pitbull can cost around $2500 to $5000 USD.