What Breed of Dog does the US Secret Service Exclusively Use?

US Secret Service

Have you ever heard about US Secret Service? Well, let me tell you. The U.S. Secret service holds the responsibility of guarding the White house. The White House is the residence of probably the most powerful man in the World- the President of the United States of America.

To enter the White house one has to go through numerous security checks. US secret service includes Men, Women, and one more- The canine Unit. And what is that? Well, Dogs.

These dogs go through heavy training and learn various skills. But not every other dog can get this opportunity to guard the White house. There is a selective breed who is assigned with this important duty.

U.S. Secret Service

The K-9 Division of Secret Service was founded in the year 1970s. They decided to uphold a canine division and took German Shepherd as their first option.

But soon they realized that Belgian Malinois was better for the role as they were fit and can chase or attack suspects easily. Moreover, they have an amazing sense of smell and can easily detect drugs, explosives, mines, etc.


Let us see how these guards are trained:

Each dog is paired with a handler. They work side by side and build an unbreakable and deep bond with each other. A dog must spend 20 weeks of training by his handler to pass like a guard. Moreover, even after their requirement, they are required to train weekly 8 hours.

A service dog duties consist of:

– They are taught to locate explosives, mines, and other threats.

– They can also catch criminals.

– They patrol at night

– Rescue wounded officers.

They are also given proper respect. There are provided bulletproof jackets. In case they die within a mission the division organizes funerals for them. Even after retirement, they are recruited for other operations.

What breed of dog does the U.S. secret service exclusively use?

The Belgian Malinois is the ultimate dog breed that holds such an important duty. The Malinois is known to be a world-class worker who can forge a strong bond with his owner.

The Belgian Malinois(MAL-in-wah) is a Belgian shepherd dog. They are well-built, square, and balanced dogs. They are strong, agile, alert, muscled, and cheerful. They can prove to be intense, intelligent, and athletic companions. They were originally bred for hunting but now are used by police and the military. Since 1975, they are used by the US Secret Service as their guards because of their traits.

Anyone can easily spot a Belgian Malinois sniffing their ways in the White house. They are exclusively used to serve and protect.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois dog

Bred for hunting, herding and now as the first choice among military and police dogs, Belgian Malinois are not unknown. Though people sometimes can confuse them with german Shepherd there is a huge difference between these two. They are widely used by the military, police, drug detection agencies, rescue teams, police, and many more.

General Appearance

  • Males are 24-26 inches tall, and females 22-24 inches.
  • Male weights around 60-80 pounds and females 40-60 pounds.
  • Life expectancy is around 14-16 years.
  • They are squarely built, strong and well-muscled, elegant not bulky.
  • They are short-haired and fawn-colored/red/brown with a black mask.


 They are quite energetic, active and require lots of exercises.

  • They are known for the intelligence and smartness.
  • Though they seem dangerous, they can make it as a good family dog.
  • They are also kid-friendly.
  • They shed regularly and twice a year.
  • They are not recommended for first-time owners.
  • They can make it into a perfect watchdog and they can do anything to guard their family and property.

Dog Breeds Used By Secret Services

There are other dog breeds too which are used by Secret Services other than Belgian Malinois.

German Shepherds:

Shepherds are confident and have bold and courageous personalities. They are extremely loyal and obedient dogs. They can be easily trained and often used as police, military, guard dogs. They can also be kept as a family dog.


Labrador is lovable, playful, and eager to be praised dogs. Moreover, they are easy to train and intelligent. They are super talented and can be used for hunting, police works, drug-detecting centers, guide dogs, rescue teams, etc.

– Rottweiler:

The Rottweiler is a dog with a strong personality. They are calm, easy to train, brave, and extremely loyal to their owner and family. Moreover, they are strong, protective, fierce, and strong fighters.

They are gentle guard dogs and can perform well in police and military works.

Every dog breed used for Police or Military work is agile, intelligent, and fast. They know how to work side by side with humans and fulfill a mission with courage. With their strong and fast body, instinctive nature, strong nose they can serve humans and help them anytime.

FAQs about Belgian Malinois

Can Belgian Malinois be left alone?

A Belgian Malinois should not be left alone for more than 2 hours. Moreover, if they are left alone in a small room then they could suffer from separation anxiety, or can become aggressive.

Are Belgian Malinois aggressive?

A Belgian Malinois can never be furious, shy, or fearful. They are great watchdogs but also are gentle and friendly.

Are Belgian Malinois good family pets?

Belgian Malinois can be a great family pet. They are loyal, gentle, and obedient to their owners. Moreover, they can make a strong and unbreakable bond with their owners and family.

Which is better male or female Belgian Malinois?

Regardless of gender, Belgian Malinois are strong, agile, well-muscled, and active. The only difference is their body size and females tend to be more inclined towards their owners and males are more playful and adventurous.

Are Belgian Malinois hard to train?

Belgian Malinois are very intelligent and trainable but they get easily bored and therefore handlers should try different and interesting training activities.