What is the Only Dog Breed Specifically Mentioned in the Bible?

grey hound bible verse

The Bible has mentioned several animals in its phrases. While some are mythological creatures such as griffon, lamia, Siren, Unicorn and some are real animals which we still encounter. It even mentions human best friend – Dog.

Is there any mention of dogs in the Bible?

Yes, In the Bible dogs are mentioned several times. And this isn’t a surprising fact, as Dog is the oldest animal to be domesticated by humans. Research suggests that they were domesticated around 15,000 years ago. This means humans were familiar with even before Christianity was born.

How many times are dogs mentioned in the Bible? 

If you combine the Old and New Testaments, then Bible mentions dogs 41 times.

Dogs are mentioned:

– 32 times in the Old Testament in Hebrew

– 9 times in the New Testament in the Greek

What does the bible say about Dogs?

Here are some selected phrases from Bible about Dogs:

“Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, and beware of the concision.” – Philipians 3:2

As a dog returneth to his vomit , (so) a fool who returneth to his folly. – Prover 26:11

“For without [are] dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” – Revelation 22:15

‘You will be holy to Me, therefore you will not eat any flesh that is torn by animals in the field. You will cast it to the dogs’ – Exodus 22:31

‘Whatever animal walks on four paws among all animals, are unclean to you’ – Leviticus 11:27

As mentioned above, it is clear that dogs are not respected animals according to the Bible. Lord has associated dogs with murderers, prostitutes, violence, evil, foolish, and other sinful types. There is hardly any positive verse about dogs but around 50+ negative about them.

The scriptures mentioned dogs as Scavengers who are born to clean rotting leftovers (dead animals).

What was the role of dogs according to the Bible?

If we read Bible carefully, we can conclude that dogs were:

– Used for hunting, farming, and herding.

– The word Dog was used as an insult

– Calling someone a dog is equivalent to call someone evil

– Dogs were violent.

What is the only dog breed mentioned in the Bible? 

According to Bible, dogs are ill-tempered animals, are should be tolerated rather than loved or trusted. They are many times mentioned as Scavengers.

The only dog breed specifically mentioned in the Bible is greyhound (Proverb 30:29-31, King James Version).

There be three things which go well, yea,

 Which are comely in going;

 A lion, which is strongest among beasts and

 Turneth not away from any;

 A greyhound;

 A he-goat also. (Proverbs 30:29-31, King James Version)

But some believe it is a result of mistranslation, as when you translate the word used for greyhound, it translates as girt of the loins. Therefore it becomes confusing whether the animal they are talking about is a greyhound or some other animal.

Whatever is the result but it is a fact that greyhounds are one of the oldest dog breed known by a human. They are mentioned in many paintings, sculptures, architecture, pottery, etc. This animal was one of the favorite pets by Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.

They have short fur and come in different colors, such as white, brindle, fawn, black, red, blue, or in a combination of these. This breed is known to be intelligent, gentle, and have a shy and quiet disposition. Originally they were used for hunting, retrieving, and race or as a pet but now they have become playful, sociable, and affectionate.

Some FAQs about Bible and animals

What animal is mentioned most in the Bible?

No matter which version you read, the most mentioned animal would be Sheep. Sheep are mentioned almost 212 times. But this doesn’t stop here, Lambs are mentioned at least 203 times and Ram (male sheep) is mentioned 162 times.

Therefore, The Bible mentions Sheep at least:

212+ 203+ 162= 577 times.

What animals were mentioned in the Bible?  

The Bible includes many animals in itself, but if rank them according to the time they are mentioned, we can list these animals:

  1. Sheep’s- 577 times
  2. goats- 172 times
  3. Bulls- 171 times
  4. Donkeys-154 times
  5. Horses- 166 times
  6. Lion- 145 times
  7. Ox- 98 times
  8. Camel- 71 times
  9. Dog- 42 times
  10. Eagle- 30 times

What is Jesus’s favorite animal?  

Well, not surprisingly, Lambs (Sheep) are the favorite Animal of Jesus. Even Jesus spirit was mentioned as Lamb

“Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29).

What is the only animal not mentioned in the Bible?

The only and only animal left out in the Bible is Cat. It is possible that it was left out as not every animal can be mentioned in the Bible or because they were not important or symbolic of anything. For example, A Dog is similar to evils, Camels for trade, snakes for being cunning, etc.

Some even say that Cats name was omitted because they had an association with the Egyptians.

What are the dirty animals in the Bible?

Here are some unclean animals according to the Bible:

– Pigs

– Dogs

– Horses

– Donkeys

– Rats

– Shellfish

– Oysters

– Owls

– Hawks

– Vultures

What animals are forbidden to eat in the Bible?

The Bible distinguishes animals into two categories: Clean and Unclean Animals.

Bible prohibits eating unclean animals or their products:

– Animals that do not chew the cud or do not have cloven hoofs.

– Fishes without Fins or Scales

– The Animals Blood


Greyhounds are gentle, noble, sweet-tempered, and independent spirits. They are being subject to honor and respect for thousands of years by Artists, poets, kings from all over the world.

They were originally bred to hunt and retrieve. But this dog breed is famous for its speed as it can even surpass a leopard in a 200-meter race. This dog can reach up to 40-45 miles per hour.

This breed is a favorite among Greeks, Roman, and Egyptians as a pet. They were kept as a pet by many famous peoples such as Cleopatra, who surrounded herself them, Queen Elizabeth I of England who loved them for their speed, agility, and concentration, and even King James I was a fan of greyhounds.