My Dog Died and I can’t Get Over it

Losing a dog is a dreadful event. Well, we all know death is an unavoidable concept, whether it’s humans or animals. A dog’s lifespan is just 15-20 years and the day is bound to come when your best friend’s body will become old and fragile and incapable of bear the burden. To be true, it hurts like someone has stabbed your heart.

And it’s ok for your to grief or cry over it. Venting out your emotion is very important for your health, both physical and mental, But your need to know when you should let out everything and then move on.

Death of your Pet

 Don’t hear what other say.

When something wrong happens to someone, people start murmuring and passing their comments. Here are the expected lines you will hear:

– Don’t cry that much it’s just a dog.

– get yourselves another one, why act so much

– It had lived its life.

– They may talk about their dogs and flaunt how she/he is.

You simply have to ignore them and their words. They can’t understand your emotions, loss, and emptiness.

 It’s ok to not be okay

You can be thinking my dog died and I can t stop crying. I am grieving for my dog but Is it ok to cry? Well, tears are the reaction of our body when it is in grief. Crying is helpful and a tool for us to vent out our emotions but if you try to hold it can lead to a traumatic experience in our body.

A cry is like a self-healing method that our body uses to get over grief. It helps us to relax a bit and calm down. Moreover, it allows toxins to move out of our bodies. But it can easy to fear going crazy if you are crying too much and affected by the judgments of others.

To be true, it ok to cry as much as you want. Don’t hear what others are saying. You need to express and face your emotions. It will naturally help you to reduce your pain and calm down.

When grief becomes unhealthy?

 It’s normal for you to lament the loss of a dog. You can take your time whether it’s for 1 month or six. It’s also ok for you to lose interest in everything else and stare in emptiness. But remember its never ok if this lament becomes destructive.

With the loss of a pet, you can think that you can’t live anymore and should commit suicide. But it’s simply a wrong thing to do. Suicide is never a solution to anything. Death is a natural and unavoidable concept, and therefore no one can escape it. But dying is never a solution, you need to think of your family, friends, and close ones.

Think about the grief you are feeling right now, do you want your family to feel the same? Well, no, so grief as much as you want but remember that life must go on.

Tips to comfort yourselves

Here are some simple tips you can use to cope up a little with the death of your pet.

  1. Avoid Reminders: For the first few weeks of your dog’s death, avoid all kinds of reminders, such as a leash, bowl, crate, collar, etc. Don’t throw it away just packs it in a box or a drawer and keep it away. Reminders can obstruct your self-healing process and can freshen up the wound.
  2. Connect with your close ones: getting support and love can help you to cope up with the pain from your pet’s loss. If you live alone, move back to your house or bring your friend home. They can comfort you and give you a subtle hope and motive to cope up and recover soon.
  3. Reset your schedule: You should reorganize your daily schedule and make yourselves busy in the time where you regularly were with your pet, for example, the time you went for walk, feed, bathe, groom him, you should keep yourselves busy in those tim
  4. Active grieving: I know sometimes we tend to hide our emotions and grieve passively. But simply ignoring and suppressing your pain will not help you. Even it can worsen it and prolong your self-healing process. Grieve actively, cry out as much as you want, try out various ways o cope up with the pain.
  5. Say it aloud, I miss my dog and it’s ok.
  1. Another friend: If you leave alone and can’t move back to your family, your suffering can worsen. Therefore try adopting a new pet. It can give you and your life another meaning and provide you great comfort.

Sometimes, things should be left on time, as it is the best healer. The death of a pet is heartbreaking but you can always win it. Express your emotions freely and then let go and continue your life again.