Do Great Danes Shed a Lot?

Great dane dog

This is just one of many things you should ask yourself if you’re thinking about getting this big dog as a pet. There are various factors to consider while selecting a dog breed. Size, temperament, and exercise requirements are among these considerations.

Great Danes shed moderately to excessively. The sheer size of their bodies explains why they shed so much; there’s only so much hair that can fall off. They shed about the same quantity all year, except in the spring and fall when it can be more intense.

However, merely because of the dog’s size, you’ll notice that they shed a lot. If having a hair-free home is important to you, you might want to consider a smaller dog.

During the spring, Great Danes shed the most. This is also known as the ‘blowing out’ season, and it is when your gentle giant sheds his winter coat to keep cool in the summer.

Despite the fact that Great Danes have a single coat, they will shed hair all over the house.

How much do Great Danes shed?

Great Danes are considered moderate shedders, which means they shed all year.

As all dogs do when they blow their coats (shedding their winter coat and summer coat). As the weather warms up in the spring, they will shed more heavily, and as the weather cools down in the fall, they will shed even more heavily.

There are just a few occasions that a Great Dane sheds during the year. It’s a good idea to have the dog checked out by the vet if they’re shedding excessively for health reasons.