Are Great Danes Good With Cats- With Expert Tips

great dane dog

The joyful, easy-going demeanor of Great Danes attracts a lot of admirers. They make a fantastic family dog and are kid-friendly.

Although a quick look at the present surroundings reveals a different picture, dogs have long been thought to be a cat’s foe.

Yes, Great Danes are good with cats and get along with them well. All animals, even cats, are kind to these gentle giants, especially if they have been properly socialized.

It’s best to start socializing and training them when they’re young so that your dog is comfortable around cats.

If you have an older Great Dane, more thorough training and socializing may be required before he can acclimatize to having a cat around.

It may take a few weeks and a lot of patience, but they will eventually figure out how to get along.