Tips On Raw Food Diet For Dogs

The technique of providing dogs with an unprocessed food has turned out to be widely used during the last years. It was significantly determined by Australian vegetarian named Ian Billinghurst. He was convinced that dogs would prosper with eating a raw food since it is almost identical to the organic diet regime of wolves that are the forebears of domestic dogs.

A raw diet can also be described as the so-called BARF, which is naturally suitable dog food. It primarily includes unprocessed meat, fruits, and vegetables. Dogs consuming the raw diet usually tend to avoid any processed food that eventually might contain some dangerous additives and compounds. They can cause significant digesting problems as well as numerous other threatening health troubles.

Compared with commercially generated pet food, a raw diet is an official program for dogs with the ability to be created from simple home conditions at an incredibly affordable price. Producing the quality food by yourself is undoubtedly the most efficient way to make sure that your pet receives the health advantages through the food, and a raw diet is among the best possible solutions for achieving this.

To begin providing your dog with a raw diet, try to serve it enough meat together with bones. It does not necessarily need to be excessively high-priced to meet the primary nutritional requirements. To help you a bit, I suggest considering some of the standard meat products such as wings, neck, feet, etc. Remember to stay away from meat products that have a high quantity of small and tiny bones because you don’t want to put your dog on a risk of choking. Be aware that raw chicken bones are not considered as dangerous because they are proven to be relatively easy for most dogs to smash and swallow. One of the greatest things is that the calcium from the bones has incredibly beneficial effects on your dog’s health. Processed bones can easily fragment and cause many digestive troubles including an instant choking. Furthermore, stay away from processed fat because it can lead to pancreatitis in your dog.

It would be excellent if the breakfast would consist of meat and bones, while the night meal should stay a bit simpler with a variety of fruits, meat, and vegetables. To make sure that your pet dog consumes the best sorts of vegetables, you may want to make the mixture using an appropriate food mixing device. Once finished, you can either serve it immediately to your dog or freeze it for later usage whenever it’s necessary. The total amount of meat in the mixture should not be above 50%. Compared to humans who obtain loads of energy from carbs like corn, bread, rice, etc., dogs receive the majority of their overall energy mostly from fats. Given this fact, the meat containing a significant amount of fat, such as the ground meat, would probably be among the best options.

Do not spend your hard earned money on unhealthy and commercially generated dog food.  Give your loving dog safe food prepared at home.

Raw Dog Food Recipe