Dog Tips – Get A Puppy or Adult Dog

Do you want to procure yourself a pet, an adult dog, or a small one partner? Wondering which one to choose? They both have some clear advantages and disadvantages. Puppies can provide you with a plenty of fun, but they also require a lot of work and time. You should sacrifice a significant attention, take special care, and be able to invest a lot of time and effort in a proper training and playing games. Be aware that you cannot leave them alone like adult dogs. You will have to monitor them continuously or otherwise put them in a safe place such as a box. Not only you will have to feed them a few times daily, but they will also need to get out often and release some extra energy. The main advantage of buying a puppy is that you can almost instantly start training them in your own way. It’s an incredibly fast learner, and it will socialize itself in no time.

You will need to keep your house highly protected from potentially hazardous stuff such as toxic chemical products. Puppies tend to be curious and dynamic, so you will often find them sniffing around and chewing different objects and materials. They have a hard time adjusting to the new environment so you might get disrupted within the first couple of days. Your new puppy will sometimes cause a real mess in the home. Therefore, be prepared to face these problems and stay focused. The excellent thing is that you will not have to lose your time with previously acquired bad habits. Having this in mind, you can effortlessly shape your puppy’s behavior to match your expectations.

Another option is getting an adult dog which is already accustomed to living on its own. This way, you will get a clear insight into the majority of details related to your pet, such as the personality, size, and activity preferences. The dog’s history may be unknown to you, so if you picked it up from the street, the question is why a previous owner left it there. Otherwise, if you bought it from someone, make sure to get all relevant information. Particular dogs tend to develop an aggressive behavior due to intensive and continuous abuse. You will have to wait patiently until you finally build some mutual trust. Dogs can feel nervous and strange in a different environment. Try to show respect and help it settle properly. Have a mild voice and don’t make quick and unpredictable movements at the beginning.

Adopting an adult dog doesn’t necessarily needs to be a wrong decision. There are a lot of friendly dogs with a high level of training out there. You can surely select the right one which you consider as the perfect option for your house with minimal issues and adaptation time. However, don’t forget that your new dog will need an extra tendance and care in the first days. One it gets confident and comfortable in its new home, it will start to appreciate you and thus create an excellent connection full of love and trust.

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