How to tell if my Husky is Purebred?

siberian husky dog

Do you own a Husky? Or are planning to get one? This wolf-like dog is attracting many nowadays. But do you wonder if your husky is purebred? Or how can you tell if a husky is purebred?

Purebred Dog is a dog bred from parents of the same breed. Also, Grandparents should be of the same breed.

While Dogs whether purebred or mixed bred are lovable and require your love and attention. Still, if you want to know whether the money you paid to buy a dog is worthy of or not. Keep reading this article and you might be able to distinguish between them.

Origin of Siberian husky

Siberian husky is originally from the habitat of Siberia…that’s how they got their name…They used to live in extremely cold conditions and were used for hunting, pulling sleds, etc.

siberian husky dog

How can you tell if a Husky is purebred?

So how can you tell if a Husky is purebred? To know this you have to look for several physical features of him. Also, Temperament can help you to find the difference between a Purebred Siberian husky and a Normal Siberian Husky.


Siberian husky dog breed falls under Working Dog category. These medium-sized dogs are quick, active, and love physical activity and challenges. Their body is compact, thick furred, and has a brush tail. Their ears are erected.

His body proportions reflect a perfect balance of power, speed, and endurance. And Siberian husky’s males are not coarse and females are not weak.


Generally, a standard Male Siberian husky average height is 21-23.5 inches and females are about 20-22 inches.

Siberian husky weights around males: 45-90 pounds (20-27 kgs) and females: 35-50 pounds (15.8-22.6 kgs).

So if your Husky is over these height-weight proportions, then your husky is not a quality breed.

Facial Features

  • The expression is keen but friendly, inquisitive, and even mischievous sometimes.
  • Siberian husky’s eyes are almond-shaped, moderately spaced. They can have brown, blue, or one of each and even partially colored sometimes.
  • Ears are medium-sized and triangular-shaped. They are set high on the head and are erected.
  • The nose is black in gray, black or tan color Husky and liver in copper-colored huskies. For a pure white husky are fresh-colored or pink-streaked nose is acceptable.
  • Lips are well colored and closed-fitted.
  • Skulls are also medium-sized and slightly rounded on top.

Coats and Color of a Siberian husky


  • Siberian husky has a double coat, medium in length, and straight.
  • The undercoat is soft, dense and the outer coat is straight and smooth lying straight with the body.
  • Pure-bred Siberian huskies have plush length coats. If your husky has wooly or short coat length then they are not purebred.


Siberian Huskies come in all colors from black to white.

How long do Siberian husky live?

The average lifespan of Husky is about 12-14 years. Some can even live up to 15 years.

To increase your husky’s lifespan, exercise him a lot and keep him in shape. A healthy and active Siberian husky lives longer than inactive ones.

Siberian husky temperament

To be short and precise, A Siberian husky is: loyal, friendly, social, active, and sometimes mischievous.

– As a Siberian husky is loyal and has a friendly temperament, they can make a great family dog. he also does well with small children.

– Huskies are outgoing dogs. There are pretty friendly to other dogs.

– They are friendly dogs and not known to be aggressive. They behave well even with strangers and thus do not make a good guard dog.

– They are highly active dogs. They love to run and require a lot of physical exercises daily.

– Siberian Huskies have a reputation for being Escape artists. They love to escape from houses and go on a long walk. They can easily jump fences, slip collars or find other ways to escape.

– They can be destructive if left alone in or out of the house freely.

  • If Siberian Huskies are not properly exercised, they take it on furniture, walls, and doors over even gardens.

Your Garden will be a mess, full of random holes…but guess what? You cannot scold them because of their innocent gaze…

– Don’t you dare to leave Siberian husky loose…why? Siberian huskies are great chasers; they love to chase small animals, pests, and even cats. And can run miles straight just to chase them. Ohkk…if you are athletic then you can

Still, confused whether your Husky is purebred? You can also contact your Dog breeder and check the paper and certifications to be sure.

You can also send your Husky for DNA testing. Or simply purchase a home testing kit. This kit will give you information about your Huskies ancestor and also weight predictions.

Where can you find purebred Siberian Huskies?

You can buy a pure breed Siberian husky puppy or dog from a reputed breeder. You can ask him to show certificates or his parents.

Or you can find a Purebred Husky from a rescue center.

Does it matter if your Husky is purebred?

It doesn’t matter if your Husky is purebred or not. He will still be your best friend and companion.

His innocent eyes will always keep looking at you till you give them your attention. They will still love you and your family. He just wants to play with you.

So whether your Husky is a purebred, crossbred, or mixed breed, love him and take care of him. All you need to care for is that they live a long, happy, and healthy life with you.