How to Tell If A Dog Is Playing or Being Aggressive

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Do you wonder whenever you see your dog growling? Is my dog playing or being aggressive. I know you care a lot about your friend so keep reading this article and we will help you to clear your doubts.

If you are an old dog trainer, dog growling must be usual for you. But if you are a new owner you might get frightened and wonder if is it normal for my Lil’ puppy to growl while playing.

As a responsible dog owner, you should be careful about your dog’s behavior. In this article we seek to answer your following questions:

  • Is it normal for my puppy to growl while playing?
  • Is your dog playing or being aggressive?
  • How to stop your dog from growling?

Growling is one of the ways your dog communicates. There are different types of growl depending on how your dog is feeling and what he wants to communicate to you.

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First of all, let us answer your first question:

It is normal for a dog or puppy to growl during play. Dogs often get expressive while playing.

So If your dog or puppy growls with a big silly smile on his face during play then there is nothing to be worried about. They are just trying to tell you that they want to keep playing.

Moving to the next question, to be able to understand one needs not to be an expert. Just carefully looking at your dog can help you understand the difference between playful growls vs. an aggressive one.

Let us discuss it more clearly,

Playful Dog Growl Vs Aggressive One

Playful Dog growl

While playing dogs often growls. This is a simple indication that they are having fun and want to keep playing.

To understand if your dog is growling playfully you need to observe them. If your dog is growling in high pitch with a big, silly grin along with bouncy movement then there is nothing to worry about.

Just let them play or keep playing with them. And watch your bond getting deeper.

Aggressive one

You need to get alert if your dog growling becomes quite loud, with low rumbles and snarls. Then you need to be alert.

Aggressive growls are often followed by a stiff body, serious face with ears pinned flat. In such a case you need to separate him from other dogs or leave him alone. In such cases dog biting their owners is common.

Dog aggression can often be associated with a territorial feeling for their place, food, or person. In such cases, you might need to consult your veterinarian or behavior trainer to train your dog.

How to stop dogs from growling when playing?

First of all, understand this violence or punishment is not the answer to it. The key to stopping their growling is not by suppressing it but by dealing with the underlying problems.

You need to deal with their reasons like pain, fear, aggressiveness, or territoriality. You can appoint a dog trainer who can help you to slow down the growl and help your dog not to get triggered.

Also, remember to showcase your love and care to your dog, and if you have a puppy start its early training. It includes social training, possession training, etc.

So next time you hear your dog growling pay attention to their expression and body language. Did it help you to understand your dog a little bit more? Then let us know in the comment section below.