How to Introduce a Hyper Dog to a Cat

Dog and cat

Do you own a dog? But your animal love is making you desire another pet? Cats…are you crazy…Cats and Dog living together. But thinking about: will my dog be ok with a kitten? Will, my dog hurt my new kitten? Well let us help you

Whether you already have a dog and going to adopt a cat, or vice-versa, both of them need to be safely introduced.

So before discussing how to introduce a hyper dog to a kitten, let us first understand which dogs will adjust with cats.

Some Compatible Cats and Dogs

If you want your house to be in peace, then consider adopting or owning a feline breed that is compatible with the canine breed. Let us look at some dog-friendly cat breeds.

Cats those are confident, sassy, and playful around dogs:

– American Shorthair

– Japanese Bobtail

– Siberian cat

Though getting a dog-friendly cat will help you. But every cats and dog have different behavior and temperament. Therefore consider their points when you get a kitten for your home with a dog.

– If your dog reacts aggressively around any street cat. Or he chases, pins or lunges forwards towards a cat, then for you a cat is NO-NO

– If your dog loves chasing, or running

  • Then avoid getting a fearful, shy cat that runs away.
  • Also, avoid getting an energetic cat. As when he will run or pounce your dog can become excited.
  • The best one will be a calm and confident Cat, who will stay confident around your dog.

– If your dog plays roughly

  • Then you should not get a kitten or elderly cat
  • A playful, adult cat will be perfect for you.

– If your dog is playful and gentle, then get a playful and rambunctious cat.

– If your dog is elderly, laid back, quiet, or anxious then get him an equal counterpart.

How to introduce a hyper dog to a cat

Introducing a Cat to a Dog can be a great challenge for you. You must’ve heard about this saying “They are fighting like cat and dog”. Scared? Don’t be

We have written down a simple step on how you can introduce your Dog to a new kitten. So let us begin

  1. Train your Dog to obey your Command

Before you bring a cat to your house, make sure your dog is trained well. Your dog should respond to your commands. First of all teach your dog to obey your command such as ‘sit down, ‘back-off.

  1. Choose a compatible cat-dog breed

As mentioned above, you must find a compatible match for your Dog. I know you seriously want a Cat so why don’t you adopt a Confident-sassy or a playful Cat like American Shorthair, Japanese Bobtail, Siberian, etc.

Or if you own a cat and want to bring home a Dog then go for a playful breed like Golden Retriever, Labrador, Irish settler, etc., or go for a smaller breed Maltese, Poodle, or Pug.

  1. Keep your both pet separate

Don’t introduce your dog and cat on the very first day you bring a cat. For the first few days keep your both pets separately. Get a separate room for your cat and don’t let the dog go in that.

Begin by making them comfortable with each other’s scent. Set them loose alternatively. One day let the dog roam freely and on the other let the cat roam freely with dog leashes in separate rooms.

This way they can smell each other’s scent and get comfortable with it. Also, you can give them each other’s blankets, toys, or stuff to make them adapted to other’s scent.

Look at their behavior carefully, if your dog starts acting wildly or your cat gets scared, then continue this step for more days. Otherwise, move to the next step

  1. Sneak-peak

Let your dog get a slight glimpse of your cat. This should be for some seconds. If your dog acts excited or aggressive try to distract him with sweet-talk, treats, or toys.

cat and dog

  1. Official Introduction of them

Now is the time to finally introduce them face to face.

– First, make sure your dog is leashed and the cat is locked in her crate.

– Keep this meeting short.

– Try to distract the dog and reward him for not paying attention to the cat.

– If everything goes smoothly then let your cat roam freely. Let her get comfortable around the dog.

– If no one shows any sign of aggression then reward them with their favorite treats.

– If your dog or cat shows any aggression then immediately separte them and try to distract them.

– Repeat this process daily and consistently increasing time.

  1. Feed them together

Next, let your both pets eat together. Of course, leashed and locked.

Food is the best way to make friends. And this process will help them both to trust each other a bit and accept each other.

  1. Set them together

Moment of truth, after a month of training let them both roam freely together. If everything goes well then congratulations!! You have got your two best friends together. Enjoy their love and companionship.

  1. Observe them carefully

You have to carefully observe your dog’s movement, if you see your dog being stiff, and lunging forward towards the direction of the cat or is whining or growling then immediately separate him from the cat.

Or if you see your cat’s ear pinned back and tail swishing forth then understand that your cat is uncomfortable around the dog and separate him from the dog.

If you notice either of the situations then seek professional advice before leaving your pets together, as it can be dangerous for both and especially for your poor Cat.