Why does my Great Pyrenees smell so bad?

Great Pyrenees dog

Gosh! It smells horrible…what happened to my house? And suddenly your Majestic and loving Great Pyrenees dog comes running for you! Oh, she smells horrible but why? Why does my Great Pyrenees have a terrible odor?

The Great Pyrenees are known to be strong-willed and independent dogs. They have calm, compose, and serious looks. They are not very friendly dogs and are reserved but they shower their love affection and care for their owner and other pets.

A healthy Great Pyrenees does not have a typical dog smell also it doesn’t smell horrible.

Therefore if your Great Pyrenees dog smells awful, then it can be caused by either lack of grooming and care or some health condition.

Great Pyrenees dog

Lets us find about these in details-

  1. Dirty upper coat-

The great Pyrenees have double coats and their inner coat is thicker than in any other dog breeds. Therefore if you don’t clean their fur nicely it can lead your Pyrenees puppies to smell.

  1. Rolling on grass-

Your dog loves to roll in the grass, small insects, and even the feces of other animals. They try to mask their cannibal smell as their hunter ancestors would do. Therefore if you have taken your Great Pyrenees dog for a walk in a garden make sure to bathe him well.

  1. Wet fur- 

Believe me, your Great Pyrenees can smell awful in when he is wet. After a pool party, the Great Pyrenees due to their wet fur can smell bad.

  1. Ear infection-

It can be a reason why have a terrible odor. Generally, Great Pyrenees or any other dog breed has a good defense against ear infection. But due to some allergy or hormonal imbalances, yeast bacteria can multiply in their ear and thereby causing the horrible smell.

  1. Dental problem- 

When was the last time you brushed or checked your Great Pyrenees teeth? Don’t remember then check it now.

Bad odor can be caused by buildup plague tartar or bacteria in your Pyrenees dog’s teeth. Also, they can have gum disease which causes their mouth to smell foul.

 Skin allergy- 

Some foods or a particular season can cause skin inflammation or infection on your Great Pyrenees’s skin. It can lead to excessive oil secretion which produces that nasty smell.

  1. Poor diet-

Processed and high carbohydrate dog food can cause yeast infection in his stomach which can cause to give that awful stench.

  1. Anal glands – 

This is one of the most common causes of stinky Great Pyrenees. Anal sacs are two small glands located on each side of the dog’s anus.

Sometimes this becomes infected or impacted. And when this happens your dog may  release an extremely smelly secretion which  stays on its fur for a long time.

To know if your Great Pyrenees is having infected anal sacs, look if he is dragging his bottom down and trying to relieve some pain or discomfort.

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How to prevent it from happening in your Great Pyrenees dog?

 To prevent your Great Pyrenees dog from smelling bad follow these tips:

  • Take care of your Great Pyrenees fur and brush it regularly. Also, remember to bathe him after coming from a walk especially after coming back from the garden or parks.
  • Make sure your Pyrenees dog’s ear and skin clean and dry. Regularly clean it and also visit your pet doctor for his regular checkups.
  • Remember to brush your Great Pyrenees s teeth daily and visit his doctor for an annual dental cleaning.
  • Remember to wash your dog’s bed and change it every six months.
  • Take your dog immediately to his doctor if you see any kind of disease that is causing an awful stench.
  • Always buy high-quality protein-rich dog food for your Great Pyrenees to avoid allergies.

With regular care and lots of love, your Great Pyrenees would not smell bad. Thereby you can enjoy your time with your best friend. Happy Owning your Great Pyrenees dog!