Facts About Different Dog Breeds

There is a plenty of dog breeds all around the world. Many DNA tests have proven that dogs were domesticated from a wolf a long time ago. Particular breeds still look very similar to their ancestors, but there are also a lot of unique breeds that have originated through the history. Dog owners should follow some clear guidelines to be able to manipulate with their pet’s behavior and the overall way of living.

The Terriers have the ability to dominate over various rodents. They successfully became among the favorite pets. The fur may differ in sharpness and length. Particular dog breeds are incredibly small such as the Yorkshire, which can weigh only three pounds, while others, such as the Airedale, may easily weigh nearly seventy pounds.

These particular dogs are incredibly spunky, and they usually follow their own rules regardless of what they were previously taught. Therefore, it’s not smart to provoke them. They are highly intelligent and very adorable for playing and cuddling.

Sporting dogs are an ideal option for hunters because of their highlighted intelligence and loyalty. One of the most popular breeds from this category is Golden Retriever. It’s able to fetch birds and many other soft materials and objects without damaging them with their sharp teeth. They adore having fun with children.

Beagle is among the most respected hunter dogs. It’s a small breed with the original way of barking. This kind of dog can seem quite hard to handle within the training due to exceptional stubbornness. Beagle dogs have a dynamic character, and they need a lot of space to release their energy. They possess an extraordinary intelligence, so if you invest a good effort and apply the proper exercises, you will have a long-term partner that will never leave you.

St. Bernard is a rescue dog. This breed can easily predict severe weather, avalanche, or earthquake. The inherited tendency for working in the field of rescue suits their talent of pointing or hunting dog. Although St. Bernard became a legend by working in the snow, today it’s widely used as a home protector and a patient friend of children. Due to the size and power, it’s fearless and can easily face any opponent. Apart from this, St. Bernard has beauty, stability, and ability to adapt any climate so many dog lovers would like to have it.

Chihuahua is incredibly tiny, and energetic dog with large eyes and ears. It has an active and confident attitude. Therefore, it’s not afraid of anything. This breed is intelligent, lovable, and loyal. Sometimes it seems like a graceful and agile dog with a defiant gaze, whose characteristics resemble the temperamental terriers. They are great guards because of their piercing bark, which they use often. Chihuahua usually cannot stand the cold and, therefore, it easily loses the body heat and trembles.

Regardless of what dog breed you decide to purchase or adopt, you and other household members will need to provide a lot of patience and love. It is your responsibility as a dog owner to take a good care of your animal. If you are about to get yourself a dog, then take a look at combined breeds because they tend to have a better health condition.

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