Choosing The Dog Collar – The Dangers

Every experienced dog holder is likely to purchase an appropriate dog collar. Finding the perfect one is crucial for the positive condition of your pet. Be aware that the animal may be using it for a long time. Therefore, it has to be harmless, convenient and appealing.

Obtaining the proper dog collar is determined by its key features, purpose, and the breed.

What are the benefits of dog collar?

There are many benefits of this tool. It’s useful in maintaining a proper level of control and discipline during the training or walking. Dogs sometimes tend to run away from their owners during the walking on a leash, but a quality collar will surely minimalize this risk. Utilizing it for a training purpose may have a significant result in overall performance. Furthermore, this excellent piece of equipment can contain your contact info thus allowing you to find your dog easily in case it gets lost.

Be aware of the size!

Obtaining the proper collar size is highly important. The wrong size, especially if it’s extremely slow, can cause issues and thus damage dog’s health by endangering the respiratory system and outside skin surface. However, the over-sized collar can allow your dog to escape quickly and cause troubles to you.

Another essential element you should consider is the material from whom a collar is made. Also, pay attention to color because you don’t want your dog looks ugly.

The best way to check whether a collar is well suitable for your dog is to try putting two fingers between a collar and a dog’s neck. If you fail this test, simply go and buy another collar. This time, try to be more careful and precise. Some dogs have wide necks, so it won’t bother if you pull it a little bit just to determine its strength and security.

What types of the collar are most popular?

Standard, Training, and Electric dog collars are the most famous ones.

The first category is available in various materials, such as Nylon dog collar which is incredibly affordable, long-lasting, waterproof, and flexible in different weather conditions.

The Leather dog collar is a little bit advanced and superior in quality and duration. It’s able to survive for several years without any significant damages. Even though it’s slightly more expensive than Nylon, purchasing it can be a well-worth investment if your dog might feel comfortable wearing it.

As the name says, Training dog collar is primarily intended to help in the training process. The proper model should be determined based on dog’s exercising schedule and the amount of workload. However, if your dog is learning the basics such as a decent walk on a leash, then you might want to consider buying an appropriate collar for this purpose.

The most relevant product in this situation is Shock collar, which is also called Choke dog collar. It works on a principle of shocking, which means that your pet will not be able to pull out and make some unpredictable movement because the collar will automatically tighten itself thus put a dog under physical pressure. The electric dog collar is supposed to prevent your dog from barking. It will produce an instant electric strike or shock which will be triggered by bark. However, a group of experts doesn’t recommend this kind of behavior because they believe that rewarding your dog for being nice is far more efficient than punishing it for doing bad things.

In the end, whatever you decide to put on your lovely pet, think wisely and try to understand its general condition and needs. After all, you’re the who knows your dog the best.

Selecting The Best Dog Collar: