Are All Dog Collars The Same?

You might be thinking that there is no difference between individual dog collars. Well, that is far from the truth. Let me provide a brief description of the most famous dog collars.

  1. Flat or buckle collar

It has 2 type of buckles. The first one can be released quickly thus risking your dog to escape. Another one is much stronger, and it will not allow your dog to get away so easily. If you own a puppy, don’t forget to check out the collar regularly because you don’t want it too tight on your dog’s neck.

  1. Martingale or greyhound collar

It’s specifically designed to reduce the dog’s ability to slip out of collar when walking. It provides safety and control, yet it doesn’t put too much pressure on a neck. The material is a durable elastic polymer or nylon, and it’s available in different colors and various designs.

  1. Dog harness

This kind of collar is created to hold the upper body including the abdominal and spinal area. There are a couple of loops for connecting a leash. Dog harness allows dog owners to drive a car with their dog inside. Unlike a standard collar, the harness can significantly reduce the threat of injury if your dog suddenly falls or jumps out.

  1. Round dog collar

Rolled or round collar is usually created from leather. It is wispy and particularly useful for shaggy dogs because it will not affect the fur. It also possesses a stronger clasp with a personal information , this helps if your dog is lost.

  1. The head collar

This kind of collar seems much like a muzzle, but it has a different function. If a dog pushes and pulls out, the halter will cause its head to flip in a very inconvenient position, resulting in a failure. You should not be using a long leash because there is a slight chance that your dog might get away with it.

  1. Breakaway collar

It has an extra protection element in case a pet falls into a trap or at least end up in an inconvenient position. If this happens, a dog can simply pull and open the clasp and get free. However, it is safe enough for a walk on a leash because of two d-rings which keep the buckle safe from breaking away.

  1. Prong collar

It is made for large and strong dogs, so avoid using it if you do not have enough knowledge and experience. Remove the collar regularly to prevent the choking.

  1. Choke chain collar

It is also called a slip collar, and it is recommended for trainers. If a dog bites it, the collar will tighten warning it to abort the operation. The slip collar should not be used if a dog has a damaged neck or respiratory problems. Switch to a standard collar when your dog is at home.

Hopefully, this will help all dog lovers to grasp the benefits of various dog collars so they can select the most suitable one for their lovely pet.

Different Types of Dog Collars

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