5 Common Reasons Why Your Dog Might Cover Her Food

dog covering food

Did you know that some dogs love to eat so much that they’ll do almost anything to get their next meal? Dogs like this are called scavengers, which means they’re prone to hiding and covering their food in order to eat it later.

It may seem weird, but there’s actually a good reason why your dog is doing this: eating hidden food helps them get the most out of their next meal. For example, if your dog covers her food because she knows another dog will come by and find it.

This might sound strange, but dogs have a special way of communicating with each other that we don’t understand. For some reason, your dog thinks that hiding her food will make the new arrival more likely to bring her a delicious snack the next time they meet up. Read on for five common reasons why dogs might think covering their food is a good idea…

She’s A Scavenger

Like we said, some dogs are just naturally curious, and they love to explore. This means they’re likely to try and get into anything they can reach, and they’re also more likely to eat anything they come across.

If your dog is a scavenger, she may cover her food because she’s not sure how long it will last before she can dig in. By covering her food, she’s making sure she can save it for when she’s the only one who has access to it. This is definitely the most obvious reason why you might find your dog covering her food.

If your dog is a scavenger, it’s probably best to feed her in a place she can’t reach. This way, her food is less likely to be contaminated by other things she finds around the house.

Food Is Scarce

Some dogs live in areas where food is scarce. This means that if they find something to eat, they’re likely to try and save it for later in case they can’t find anything else. If your dog is like this, she may cover her food so that she can make it last as long as possible.

This is often the case with dogs who are in shelters or living on the streets. If your dog is in one of these situations, try to feed her more often so there’s always plenty of food for her to eat.

It may seem like you’re giving her too much food, but if there’s always plenty, she’ll feel less worried about going hungry.

It Smells Bad

If your dog has recently eaten something that smells bad, she may cover her food to avoid eating anything else that smells similar. This could be anything from spoiled food to a chemical she came across while exploring outside.

If your dog covers her food because she thinks it smells bad, there’s a good chance she might eat it anyway. That’s because it may have lost whatever smell it had when she first found it.

That’s why it’s important to clean up any meal your dog has left behind as soon as possible. If you leave it there, it’s likely to smell bad soon enough.

She’s Guarding It

If your dog doesn’t trust you, she may feel the need to guard her food from you. If you don’t want to pick up her bowl and find that she’s covered it, she’s probably trying to keep you out. To her, the bowl may look like a nest or a den.

If your dog is guarding her food from you, try feeding her in a place where she feels more comfortable. This could be in her crate or in the yard. You should also consider feeding her on a regular schedule so she doesn’t feel the need to guard her food from you.

You’re Feeding The Wrong Food

Some dogs cover their food because it smells bad. If your dog covers her food but eats it later, she may not like the way it tastes. If your dog covers her food but eats it later, it’s likely she won’t like the taste of it.

This could be because she has a sensitive stomach, or it could be because she’s not used to the food you’re feeding her. In many cases, it takes a little while for dogs to get used to a new diet. If it’s been a few weeks and she’s still covering her food, she probably doesn’t like the taste.

The best way to find out what’s wrong with her food is to take her to the vet. Your vet can examine your dog and see if she’s healthy. They can also tell you if there’s anything wrong with her food and recommend a better brand.


These are just a few of the reasons why your dog might cover her food. If you notice your dog doing this, try to figure out why she’s doing it.

Once you know why, you can take steps to stop her from covering her food. You can also try and figure out what she loves about that food.

If you feed her something she likes better, she’s less likely to cover it. Some dogs cover their food for safety reasons, while others do it because they don’t like the taste of their food. In either case, there are ways to curb this behavior.

All you have to do is figure out what your dog is doing and why she’s doing it. From there, it should be easier to find a solution to the problem.