5 Best Dog Food For Tear Stains (2024 Review + Tips)

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Tear stains can leave an unsightly blemish on your dog’s otherwise attractive face. If you’ve tried treating your dog’s tear stains, but they keep reappearing, it’s possible that something in their food is to blame. Tear stains appear when your dog’s eyes moisten a lot, and the chemical waste in their tears soaks into their fur. If your dog’s eyes are watering due to a food allergy, or if their tears include too many chemicals due to cheap fillers and preservatives in their food, you might consider switching them to a healthier, all-natural diet.

Shopping for tear-stained dog food can be difficult with so many different brands on the market.

One technique to deal with tear stains in dogs is to keep his face clean and devoid of porphyrin-containing fluids, but giving him a high-quality diet will help avoid or remove his tear stain troubles.

We looked at dozens of brands’ ingredient lists to find the best dog food for tear stains. Take a look at our suggestions below.

  1. Nature’s Logic Sardine Meat Feast – BEST IN HIGH-QUALITY TEAR STAIN DOG FOOD

It’s available in several flavors, including duck, beef, salmon, rabbit, and more. Millet, a high-quality grain high in protein, antioxidants, and minerals, is also included. Because dog staining is a symptom of allergic responses and poor diet, this meal is free of any potentially harmful substances that could create toxin buildup in your dog’s stomach. We’ve found it to be the cleanest dog kibble formula we’ve come across. It’s available in several flavors, including duck, beef, salmon, rabbit, and more. Millet, a high-quality grain high in protein, antioxidants, and minerals, is also included.


  • All nutrients are extracted solely from natural substances and complete foods.
  • Wheat, corn, rice, soy, potato, peas, and sweet potatoes are all free of common allergies.
  • There are no vitamins, minerals, or trace nutrients that have been chemically produced.
  • Probiotics and digestive enzymes are specially coated to help digestion and boost nutritional absorption.
  • There are no hazardous grains.


  • It’s pricey, but that’s to be expected with higher-quality items.

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2. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Formula– BEST IN GRAIN FREE TEAR STAIN DOG FOOD

Our best selection is a BLUE limited ingredient product with a low ingredient list but manages to include all of the vital nutrients your pet requires to live a long and healthy life. You can get it in various flavors (duck, lamb, salmon, and turkey). If your dog has a preference or is allergic to any of them, this is ideal. Potato is the next element in all of the flavor variations after the significant ingredient and protein source. It’s a far healthier alternative to wheat and other grains used in many other items. It will give your dog the energy he needs to stay active and energized throughout the day. Tear stains are helped by the restricted ingredient list and lack of significant food allergy triggers. This is because staining is a symptom of allergic reactions in many dogs. This item is available in a variety of sizes. It’s very convenient to buy in bulk and portion out over time without worrying about it going bad.


  • There are several tastes to choose from.
  • high-quality protein sources
  • To avoid tear stains and other food sensitivities, the ingredients are carefully selected
  • carbs that are good for your pet
  • There is no by-product content.
  • There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in this product.
  • Bags come in a variety of sizes.
  • Improves the health of the immune system
  • Omega fatty acids are found in this product.


  • Quite costly

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3. Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dry Dog Food – BEST VEGAN DOG FOOD FOR TEAR STAINS

The options are available to pet parents who want to feed their dogs a vegan or vegetarian diet. The list of vegan foods that can aid in the removal of tear stains is considerably narrower. Natural Balance’s product checks both boxes. It’s packed with a variety of excellent ingredients to give your dog a well-balanced diet. The most significant elements are brown rice, oats, and peas. The complete mixture is highly digestible and full of energy for all of your dog’s activities. Potato protein is also high on the list, as it offers a nutritious alternative to meat. All of your pup’s vitamins and minerals are included as well, ensuring that no critical ingredient is missed despite the lack of meat in the formula.


  • Protein alternatives that are good for you
  • Vitamins are present in this product.
  • Very easy to digest
  • For active dogs, there is a lot of energy in this treat.
  • Multiple sizes are available.


  • There is no animal protein in this recipe.

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4. Pet Plate, Barkin Beef Recipe BEST OVERALL TEAR STAIN DOG FOOD

The meat and the safflower and salmon oil are essential components in ensuring a wholesome, healthy dinner. Whether it’s hair loss, a dull coat, or irritation caused by tear stains, each kibble in this Barkin’ Beef mix can treat a wide range of health problems. Are your recurrent seizures causing you concern? Is their decreased level of activity a cause for concern? Don’t be concerned! The fruits, veggies, and supplements will help to reduce their health sensitivity while also making it one of the best dry dog food recipes available. When you realize that each bowl is cleaned to the brim after each meal, you’ll notice a change in their eating habits. A natural drop in stress levels and an increase in digesting capacities will also boost attractiveness.


  • Allergy Relief from a variety of sources
  • Each supplement has a wide range of health advantages.
  • Assists in weight management, resulting in less concern about weight maintenance.
  • Artificial constituents-free
  • Curated in a USDA facility in the United States of America


  • The texture may bother some dogs.

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5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Limited Ingredient Recipe Dry Dog Food – BEST TEAR STAIN FOOD FOR HYPOALLERGENIC DOGS

If your pet is prone to food allergies or has a sensitive stomach in addition to tear stains, a hypoallergenic product is usually the best option. These foods have fewer components than traditional limited-ingredient foods, and the makers select the least likely ingredients to cause allergic reactions. This meal contains only six main elements, the first of which is lamb meal, which provides a nutritious source of protein. Other nutritious food alternatives like brown rice and beet will give all of the other nutrients your dog requires. It’s free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, as well as gluten, soy, and filler foods, which can cause gastrointestinal upset in dogs. It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 to 24 pounds.


  • Dietary restrictions
  • Diet rich in nutrients and well-balanced
  • All essential vitamins and minerals are included.
  • It comes in a variety of bag sizes.
  • Entirely natural ingredients
  • There are no fillers in this recipe.


  • A little costly

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Why are there tear stains in your dogs?

Internal or external variables (e.g., food, environment, genetics, allergies, teething, etc.) that promote over-stimulation of excessive tear production, also known as Epiphora, create dog tear stains. The most prevalent medical causes of tear staining in dogs, according to Healthy Pets, include, but are not limited to:

Eyelashes that have grown inward, Eye infection Tear glands that are unusually big

Tear unusually tiny duct apertures, inverted Eyelid, Brachycephalic syndrome, Infection in the ear, Medications, secondhand cigarette smoke, Diet of poor quality, Food bowl made of plastic, Stress, Teething

Tear stains form when a dog’s tears collect in its eyes, creating the ideal environment for germs or yeast to thrive. Furthermore, their excessive tear production causes chemical waste in their tears to soak into their fur, resulting in tear stains. A constant watery discharge and dampness cause this illness in the eye or other bodily regions. While tear staining in dogs is usually innocuous, it can potentially be a sign of a more significant health issue. If your dog’s tears are stained, see a veterinary ophthalmologist to rule out any underlying health issues before believing it’s just a case of too much tear production.

As you can see, various factors might cause dogs’ tears to stain.

The relationship between dog food and tear stains-

Any chemical to which your dog is allergic could result in tear stains, as severe tearing nearly always results in stains. That means you’ll need to pay close attention to your dog’s physical reaction to new meals, and you should seek medical advice if you can’t figure out what’s causing their allergies. On the other hand, Cheap dog food is more likely to cause tear stains than high-quality products. This is because dog food producers utilize a lot of toxic additives in their products.

  • Fillers

Dogs’ bodies require a simple, protein-rich diet to function correctly. However, many dog food producers stretch their recipes with fillers like wheat, corn, and other grains to save money. Although these filters aren’t inherently hazardous, they can cause tear stains in some dogs with sensitive stomachs. If your dog has a lot of tears, then grain-free dog food could be the best solution.

  • Preservatives

Most commercial dog food companies include synthetic preservatives to keep their kibble shelf-stable for more extended periods. These preservatives can cause allergic reactions in dogs, resulting in excessive wetting and tear stains.

  • Artificial colors and flavors

Just like preservatives, artificial colors and tastes used to make dog food more appetizing can induce allergic responses and discoloration of the eyes. That’s why all-natural dog chow with a short, concise, and named ingredient list is best.